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Friday, November 18, 2011

Blogging or Mafia wars?

That is the question. I have missed expressing my old ass ideas. If the ole brain don't forget my password, lookout ................he's backkkkkkkkkkkk. Missed the blog meets, missed Eric and Fiona, Rick and Georgia and Robbie. I guess I was a little pissed.
LIfe's a struggle, but damn it is fun. The trials and the successes.

Mom's got the Alzheimer thing, dad's getting to old to help her much, he does the best he can. I wish I was living with them again so, maybe I could help , wish in one hand and .... in the other and see which fill up first.

On the lighter side, I now have two wonderful grandbabies. They'll be with us tomorrow nite and they still love this old man.

Looking forward to retirement, rotflmao. Never happen, I hope.

I haven't chase the dollars in a long time. Hell, can't run as fast as they do. But.......... I am beginning to lust after a new big ole flat screen and maybe a dually, huuuuum, well maYBE NOT.

Seen a lot of life, like to see some more. Come to see us, if you get a chance.

Love you,


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