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Monday, May 23, 2005

What should I say

my best freind is about to die. He is my father, it took a long time for me to know that he was my best friend. I am saying you should know sooner. If u don't, Im sory.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Dad made it through surgery monday (thank you God)! He has a long rode to recovery and will need chemo and/or radiation. We will visit with him saturday.
I am so thankful for what ever time we have left. I told him years ago how thankful I was for the way I was raised and how much I appreciated him and mom. I actually like who I am and I know I owe them. At one point in life I visited them often, after Carroll died I sank into that poor little ole me routine for a few years and neglected the really important people in my life. That drunken life style is ok once in a while, but daily is such a drag.

Thankfully, I survived and found myself once again. I hope to spend the time left loving and enjoying those that are most important to me.

If I am pure of heart and intent, no enemy can defeat me, no evil over take me. This is my motto and my road map for life. Thank you God!

Monday, May 09, 2005

And on a lighter note.........

.................last nite while Barbie and I were having cocktails and snacks, discussing the monumental tasks of living as Barbie and Ken. The conversation turned to showers and I just mentioned that the sound of water flowing and warm water flowing on me, seemed to generate an urge to empty my bladder. Oh my God! Am I the only one that has ever done this?................. Well, I have a new household chore.............................yep, scrubbing the shower.

Dad made it!

He had about 6 hours of surgery, he made it, thank you
God, and thanx to the fine surgeon. This may be the beginning of the end. At least he has time to hear what we all have to say.

I would have thought I could handle this in a more calmer manner. I was scared shitless, my dad is very sick and he may die. I was petrified! I will go see him again saturday. He does not like people hovering around, he just wants to rest.

Friday, May 06, 2005

My dad, my best friend

My dad has always been my best man friend, I hope when I see him tomorrow he can hear me. Time is drawing near for us to be separated by an unknown barrier. I might not be able to call him and ask for his advise or help with a problem. He has never been a man who offered advise unless he was asked, he always thought we all had it in ourselves to solve our own problems if we looked hard enough. Yet, if asked he would answer honestly and to the best of his ability, some times he’d say, "I’m not sure, I’ve not been in that situation, but you might try........................" He’d always take time to help a neighbor, a friend or a stranger or whomever might ask his help. I can’t remember him ever being personally critical of a boned head stunt I pulled. Now, he’d tell me if I embarrassed him and he’d tell me if he thought he had the answer to my predicament. And I do remember getting my arse whomped as a kid, if I needed it (and I always did). I mostly remember his encouragement to keep trying and to do better, do the best I could, was all he asked.
Why has it taken his life being threatened by cancer for me to realize this? He taught me so much. I am capable of so many functions, all because of who he is, who he was and how he lives his life. He has had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge of how things work. Mechanical things, things that matter in day to day life, how to repair, how to build, how to accomplish anything I desire.
I am able to rebuild auto engines, transmissions and rear ends, or install brakes because he took the time to teach me when I was young. I am successful in the building industry as a result of his encouragement. I can weld anything, the list goes on and on, and I owe it all to my dad.
He has continued to learn, if he finds a problem he needs to solve and is not familiar with the mechanism, he’ll buy a tech manual and school him self proficiently enough to accomplish his task. I have watched him repair tv’s, radio’s and anything he needed, or his family needed. He did this without a college education or any schooling except what he got in the service, only a thirst for knowledge.
His greatest advise and mantra is "Work hard and persevere, you can do what ever you want if you really want it!"
He is a good man. He needs our prayers for a miracle.
Don’t wait until your dad’s sick, call him and tell him you love him.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

My Dad

has been diagnosed with colon cancer. He is very weak, he postponed going to the doc and now will have surgery tomorrow, if he can recover enough strength. Today the doc' are trying to rebuild some of his strength through blood transfusions and other fluids. We all are praying for his recovery. If you have a moment would you also?

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