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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year and God bless Mom's and Dad's............Please!

Came from visiting mom and dad today, so good to see them, yet so sad to see the ravages of time.

 I will always remember the good times we've  had together. And be sorrowful for the times, I hurt them.

Whether by speech or action............... I shall always regret my transgressions.

Dad and mom,....... both of them are cut from an old cloth of simple dignity. They worked hard to get ahead

and do as much as they could to help everyone in their families and extended families. Simple farm people

that came to the big city of Savannah, seeking a better life. They found it! Worked hard to understand the

ways of the new world they had ventured into and proved their mettle.

God Bless all the aging moms and dads.

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