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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It came home to rest

I, or we, my company, have for four years serviced a condo neighborhood. Providing mainly roofing services. They had been screwed by cheats for years. They had 3 layers of roofing on 24" center trusses.
We came in and began to repair the damage and give them an all American job. No leaks, no problems.
Now all of a sudden, people who can not speak the kings english, do not understand, license, bond and insurance, Have found a way to take my work from me. Cheaper prices! Will they be around in the winter? When a leak may occur? No! But they have pissed me off, and taken a job from my brother! And caused me to defend my prices. Bull shit. They will take the money and run! Can you say ILLEGAL ALIENS!
Man I am pissed!

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