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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Why can't we be like Brazil?

Andres Oppenheimer writes in todays AJC concerning the $55 per barrel habit we have. It seems that Brazil began thirty years ago (when they imported 85% of their oil) to address their problem. In 2002 they imported 10% of the oil they consumed and expect to import nearly 0% this year.
Dum Bass (a friend of mine) asked me if I thought our country might be able to do such a thing? He also wondered if big oil and big auto manufacturers really ran this great country. To which I laughing replied that our great country would not allow such a thing, it's the foreign oil,Dum Bass, that runs this country!

Monday, March 28, 2005

Commitmit Ceremony

On April 15, 2005 Barbie (Barbara) and I will stand before God and whomever chooses to join us
and celebrate the gift of love in a brief ceremony of commitment to each other. We have chosen an island off the coast of Georgia for this glorious event!

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